Our mission is to run cost-optimised, low risk investment vehicle with above 10% annual net return. 


ROMIVO is non-public Hedge syndicate with minimised risk and higher than average returns. Underlying assets are SP500 derivatives and alike.  Average 12 months trailing Sharpe ratio is 3,4 (Feb 2020).  
ROMIVO comes from the names of the founders ROMan and IVO.


For the best possible protection of our investors, the money is invested through Loan Agreement.  Minimum investment size is 100 000 EUR. Every week the Gross return and the Ticket values are published on www.romivo.com. Investor can sell and buy Tickets any time without any transaction cost provided the total investment is above 100 000 EUR and single transaction above 10 000 EUR. Investor can exit completely by selling back all Tickets any time, no questions asked.
Ticket prices are settled once per week (Valuation day). Valuation Day means the day, on which the Net Value of the Ticket is determined. The Valuation Day shall be the last Banking Day of each week, and published on this site during first two days of the week (Publication day). All investments are sold or purchased using the next Valuation day Ticket price.